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Junior Market Lamb/Commercial Ewe/Suffolk Breeding Sheep Shows

Date: Sept 09, 2022
Time: 5:00 PM
  • All sheep should be on the grounds by 3:00 p.m. Market Lambs and Commercial Ewes will be weighed between 3:00 PM and 4:30 PM. Scales will close at 4:30 PM.
  • All sheep must be accompanied by an official certificate of veterinary inspection.
  • All lambs must have lamb teeth.
  • There will be no minimum or maximum weight to be eligible for the show.
  • Lambs will be weighed and divided into classes by weight.
  • Tie fee - $5.00 per entry
  • Commercial Ewe Show is open to non-registered ewes of any breed or combination of breeds.
  • Ewes shown in the commercial ewe show are not eligible to be shows in registered or market lamb show.
  • Exhibitor may show a maximum of 2 sheep per lot.
  • Online registration is required.
  • Breeding sheep show classes - there will be a class for any breed in which a Dyer County Junior Exhibitor is eligible to participate.

Classes subject to change

Class 1: Showmanship

Lot 1: Pee Wee (Younger than 4th grade at showtime)
Lot 2: Junior (Current 4th, 5th, 6th graders)
Lot 3: Junior High (Current 7th, 8th, 9th graders)
Lot 4: Senior (Current 10th, 11th, 12th graders)

Class 2: Market Lamb Show

Lots will be divided by weights
Grand and Reserve Champions will be awarded

Class 3: Commercial Ewe Show

Lot 1 - Ewe Lambs
Lot 2 - Yearling Ewes
Lot 3 - Champion and Reserve Champion

Class 4 - Suffolk Breeding Sheep Show

Lot 5: Senior Ram Lamb (Born September 1 to December 31, last year)
Lot 6: Early Junior Ram Lamb (Born January 1 to February 15, this year)
Lot 7: Late Junior Ram Lamb (Born February 16 to April 30, this year)
Lot 8: Champion Ram, Reserve Champion Ram
Lot 9: Senior Yearling Ewes (Born September 1, two yeas go to February 15 last year)
Lot 10: Junior Yearling Class (Born February 16 last year to August 31, last year)
Lot 11: Senior Ewe Lambs (Born September 1 to December 31, last year)
Lot 12: Early Junior Ewe Lambs (Born January 1 to January 31, this year)
Lot 13: Intermediate Junior Ewe Lambs (Born February 1 to February 28 this year)
Lot 14: Late Junior Ewe Lambs (Born March 1 to April 30, this year)
Lot 15: Champion Ewe, Reserve Champion Ewe
Lot 16: Tennessee Bred by exhibitor.

*An exception to the above classifications of sheep may be made when an exhibitor wishes to enter a younger animal in the next older age classification. In no case will an older animal be entered in a younger age classification than its birthday would permit.


1st - $20.00
2nd - $15.00
3rd - $12.00
4th - $10.00
5th - $5.00
Grand and Reserve Champions


Mary Beth Neal & Carl Schultz

*Herdman's passes ($15 each) or gate admission is required for all livestock shows.

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