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Temp. Food Service

Temporary Food Service Rules and Regulations


A temporary food service establishment shall comply with the requirements of this code, except as otherwise provided in this section. The Division may impose additional requirements to protect against health hazards related to the conduct of the temporary food service establishment, may prohibit the sale of some or all potentially hazardous foods, and when no health hazard will result, may waive or modify requirements of this Ordinance, except those requirements of paragraph (2) through (10) of this rule.

Restricted Operations

This section is applicable whenever a temporary food service establishment is permitted, under
the provisions of paragraph (1) of this Rule, to operate without complying with all the requirements
of this code.
Only these potentially hazardous foods requiring limited preparation such as hamburgers and frankfurters, which require seasoning and cooking, shall be prepared or served. The preparation or service of other potentially hazardous foods, including pastries filled with cream or synthetic cream, custards, and similar products, and salads or sandwiches containing meat, poultry, eggs, or fish is prohibited. This prohibition does to apply, however, to any potentially hazardous good that has been prepared and packaged under conditions meeting the requirements of this Code, is obtained in individual servings, is stored at a temperature of 45 degrees F. or below or at a temperature of 140 degrees F. or above in facilities that meet the requirements of this Code, and is served directly in the unopened container in which it was packaged.


Ice that is consumed or that contacts food shall have been made under conditions meeting the requirements of this Code. The ice shall be obtained only in chipped, crushed, or cubed forms and in single-use good-grade plastic or wet-strength paper bags filled and sealed at the point of manufacture.
The ice shall be held in these bags until used, and when used it shall be dispensed in a
way that protects it from contamination.


Equipment shall be located and installed in a way that facilitates cleaning the establishment and that prevents food contamination.
Food-contact surfaces of equipment shall be protected from contamination by consumers and other contaminating agents. Where helpful to prevent contamination, effective shields for such equipment shall be provided.

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